There is mass confusion in Paris this evening amid unfolding reports of a major battle in orbit of Bajor. Though details of the incident remain unclear, the Starfleet News Service can confirm that that Starfleet moved the nearby Deep Space Nine station from its position in the Denorios belt to a close defensive orbit of the planet ahead of a full-scale attack by Tzenkethi Coalition forces.

Visual sensor records provided to the Starfleet News Service by evacuating transport vessels indicate that Deep Space Nine received catastrophic damage in the course of the battle. The number of casualties, and the station's current situation, remains unknown.

Speaking on behalf of Starfleet Command, Vice Admiral ch'Valash of Andoria, told media agencies including the SNS that President Okeg had recalled the Federation Council for emergency briefings with Starfleet, and that close communication was being maintained with the governments of the Romulan Republic and Klingon Empire.

Several minutes after the attack on Deep Space Nine, a sizeable Dominion fleet was observed entering the Alpha Quadrant through the Bajoran wormhole, and is now in orbit of Bajor in company with starships from a joint task force of the Jenolan Alliance. Admiral ch'Valash assured reporters that the Dominion fleet's presence was no cause for concern, and immediately dismissed suggestions that a second attack by a third, unknown party - possibly allied with the Tzenkethi - was connected to the Dominion.

The admiral declined to make any formal statements about the situation on Bajor, and confirmed that the civilian office of President Okeg's press secretary would hold a formal briefing in the coming hour.

We will bring you more on this situation as it develops.