From The Desk of Ambassador Lorien Toprill
To: Starbase Personnel
From: Lorien Toprill, Ambassador
CC: Admiral Alenis, khre'Riov t'Latta, Riov t'Latta
Subj: Change in Command

Stardate 93980.94

Good afternoon,

This is to announce that, effective stardate 93979.96, I have assumed the title of Civilian Administrator of Starbase 381. One question that I am sure you are asking yourself is, "why?" As all of you are aware of, this station is located in truly one of the last frontiers of space, the "Outback". We have barely scratched the surface of discovering all of the secrets that the Outback has to offer. To that end, Stafleet and the United Federation of Planets has decided that we need a bigger footprint.

To that end, they have changed the mandate of Starbase 381, code named "Praetorian". I will assume the day to day operations and administration of the starbase as it's Civilian Administrator. Riov Tel'iss t'Latta will assume direct command of all Starfleet and Romulan Republic personnel. This change is not expected to change the normal day to day operations of the station. With this change in command, we expect an increase in civilian personnel both passing through the starbase and being permanently stationed here. Updated SOPs will be generated by Riov t'Latta and myself regarding civilians and how they will interact on the starbase and with Starfleet and Republic personnel. All Officers are expected to know and adhere to these new policies.

I think it goes without saying that my office is always open. If anyone has any questions, comments or concerns, please see me and I can assist any way I can.

Forever yours in service,

Ambassador Lorien Toprill
Civilian Administrator Starbase 381