FROM: Office of the Commander, Task Force Avalon


The following missions are presently active within PTX-1138 "The Outback" as of the present Stardate, 95246.8. They may be in need of personnel or other assets, pending launch, or fully staffed and ongoing. Available crews may inquire with Fleet Command staff for assignment.

  • Ongoing anti-piracy and rescue operations - Finding a resolution to this crisis regarding the pirate group identified as "King of Doors" remains a high priority for the stability of the region. Intelligence believes a small-class Iconian Gateway may be involved. The crew of the Vulcan Science Ship T'Pol's Foresight also remain missing and are believed to be captive of this pirate group. Attache assets:
  • Survey of Sector L15 Ionic Storm Region - An Ionic Storm region which is currently believed to be the outer layer of a Plerion Nebula. The survey is intended to identify and take readings of any pulsars discovered which may be powering the Ionic Storm region for better astrometeorological models.Attached assets: USS Jonas Salk, USS Atlas.
  • Survey of OB-73829 - This region has calmed since the event of last year. Starfleet Command is pressuring for an immediate survey as soon as it is safe to do so. Rear Admiral T'Molina will be leading the mission herself. Attached assets: USS Destiny.
  • Exploration and Science Mission through Intrepid Wormhole - Lieutenant Prax is looking for participants in mission beyond the newly discovered wormhole as it slowly stabilizes. Final determination of stable period for mission is pending. Attached assets:
  • Research of OB-84 base - An automated base of unknown origin has suddenly become active in OB-84, transmitting an unknown signal on broadband system wide. Thus far the base has been concerned only with excavating itself from centuries of dust and debris. Attached assets:
  • Continued Border Patrols - Patrols along borders at heightened alert over tensions with the Kingdom and piracy in the Looking Glass Expanse. Attached assets:

RDML T'Molina, Starfleet
Commander of Operations, Task Force Avalon
By direction of
the Commander, Task Force Avalon

((OOC NOTE: These missions are open to participation by Starbase, Avalon, Theirr, and 52nd personnel.  All 26th Fleet RP events are open to OSB guests.