At the beginning of the month, Rear Admiral Neraea resumed command of Task Force Avalon. Vessels in Task Group Destiny and Task Group Ramillies were reassigned, and the mission profiles of each group were redefined, Destiny took charge of crisis management, and Ramillies was placed charge of local patrols and colonial defense. Commander Kasserret R’Rwo was also assigned as the new commander of MACO Team 30 following the departure of Commander Tadashi Shirada.

Starbase 381 ”Praetorian’s” senior staff also underwent changes. Exchange officer and brevet Lieutenant Commander Jasad Kell was appointed Chief Science Officer of the 26th Fleet and quickly began work reorganizing the department. Lieutenant Thandi Shanti was appointed XO of Discens Station and engineering projects are underway to turn the station’s focus to one of scientific collaboration with various Outback powers. Deep Space K-26 also continued with its engineering upgrades.

This is where the situation stands within the Outback at the end of October of 2417.

As per the Avalon Operations Update of stardate 95432.4, the Kingdom of Cevant has effectively declared war on the Jenolan Alliance. Within one week, the Intelligence Faction within the Kingdom orchestrated attacks that damaged two Task Force Avalon vessels, the USS Jonas Salk and the USS Roosevelt. [AAR] [AAR]

Current missions involving the Kingdom include combat patrols and military reconnaissance. Praetorian engineering and science departments are also investigating how Kingdom ship technology works.

Intelligence reports suggest the possibility of an alliance between the Intelligence divisions of the Kingdom and the rogue House J’Rel of the Klingon Empire. House J’Rel also showed great hostility towards forces of the Jenolan Alliance, beginning with the targeted destruction of the USS Hakaishin. Efforts to find more information about, and to disrupt this alliance are underway.

Work continues on a dark matter shield project. Authorized by Admiral Jyana Kai and spearheaded by Commander Mogedu, in collaboration with Praetorian’s science department, the project moves to shipboard testing on the USS Minerva and USS Barclay. While conducting a test of the shield within the outskirts of the Dark Expanse, the USS Barclay answered a distress call originating from the remains of the former Outpost 42. An away team was dispatched to the station and experienced mass hallucinations of their deepest fears. The entity from which these visions came was eventually pacified for a short time in order for the team to get back to the ship and leave the region.  

Once they were free of the entity’s grasp, they realized the dark matter shield had failed sooner than expected, and the Barclay had received some significant damage. More work will need to be done to tweak and perfect the shield project. [AAR]

Events within the Looking Glass Expanse have appeared quiet compared with events in other regions. Investigation efforts are still underway into the Pirate King Doolian Teach, and the missing crew of the VSS T’Pol’s Foresight.

Months after Tiamat Station in OB-300 was destroyed in an apparent terrorist attack, construction is underway on Tiamat II. The station is a joint project with the Triparty Pact, The Futara Union, and another undisclosed faction. The new station is smaller than the original attempt at construction and appears to be going forward unhindered. The USS Nautilus stands guard and continues overseeing the data from the investigations into the previous attack. [AAR]

In OB-01, the Minerva System, colonization of the third planet, Persephone, is going smoothly. The main colonial site, Persephone Landing, has been building up and drawing a lot of assistance from 26th Fleet officers.

On stardate 95410, Praetorian science department received a request for scientific assistance at a research facility on Persephone, Costello Point. This was in regard to recent attacks by a native species, the Minerva Balbaroo. It was discovered that this species is catastrophically allergic to humans, and perhaps other Milky Way species. More studies into the creature and the incident are ongoing. [AAR]

“Using civilian ships in this manner is just not cricket.” - Captain K’Meiuu M’Rella regarding Kingdom of Cevant tactics on stardate 95359.68