((OOC Note: The following report is intended as a ‘Last Time On…’ recap of what is currently evolving in the Outback. No character or person would have the IC knowledge of this beyond their own interactions with the events mentioned in the letter.))



To: Starfleet Command, c/o President Aennik Okeg

From: Fleet Admiral Marjorie Tyson

Subject: ‘The Outback’ Status Update


Mr. President,


The following report is intended as a classified overview of the current state of affairs and goings on in the dwarf galaxy PTX-1138, colloquially known as ‘The Outback.’


Lost Vulcan Ship

Some months ago a Vulcan science ship carrying over 300 crew was reported missing in the region. The Vulcan Science Academy sent Starfleet a request for aide in finding their missing ship. As such, the 26th Fleet, along with the joint assistance of Theirr Galae Temaeshim Drihaen (heneforth referred to as ‘Theirr’), was sent under the command of Riov Kara t’Charvon to locate and rescue any survivors and technology possible.


Concurrently, Admiral K’vek - who currently oversees all ship assets of Starfleet in the region - ordered Captain Zinjha Krian of Starfleet Intelligence and her ship, the USS Parche, on a covert infiltration mission into a known pirate ring.


During their missions, reports have been filed by several officers that have shown the presence of a major covert organization known as ‘The Society of Nine’ which operates in The Outback. This Society was approached by Captain Krian during the undercover operation in hopes of finding a trail to the missing Vulcans. The Captain was able to find that another pirate leader, a King Doolian, was behind the kidnappings however the Society themselves had no interest in being involved without getting something in return.


Starfleet authorized Captain Krian to deliver many of the demands the Society required in exchange for information on the Vulcans. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances this exchange was never completed and therefore we never obtained our goal.


More recently it has been discovered by an expedition into the Stocks Cloud - an area within the Outback - that an abandoned Iconian base had been discovered by an indigenous race known as the Royals. Aboard was found several data PADDs containing information on their research and salvage of the base, and it has been reported that they were able to salvage one of the Iconian personal translocation devices. Officers report that ‘King Doolian’ is locally known as the ‘King of Doors’ which would seem to mirror the use of such a transporter.


Discens Corridor Destabilization

On Stardate 95101.6 Commander Juzel Rix of Starbase 381 officially ordered the closure of the Discens Corridor due to reported environmental anomalies which were causing major risk to any ships passing through the area. The Commander has since assured Starfleet that the science department of the 26th Fleet is completely focused on finding a solution to this problem. More updates are expected soon as Task Force Avalon assists in the endeavor.


USS Princeton

In light of recent events, both with the missing Vulcans and with general ship wear and tear, Starfleet Command decided to deploy the newly-finished USS Princeton to the Outback in order to help secure our presence in the area. The Princeton is a Yorktown-class heavy star cruiser designed for scientific and tactical deployment which launches from the San Francisco shipyards on Stardate 95150.4.


I hereby certify that all information enclosed in this report is true and accurate to this officer’s knowledge. If further communications are required, this officer reports ready and capable of assisting.



Fleet Admiral Marjorie Tyson

4th Sector Command, Starfleet