Explosion on Deep Space K-7

Early this morning an explosion rocked Deep Space K-7 causing a brief evacuation of certain levels of the aged station.  Reports say that minutes before the explosion an order was given by Commander Naomi Wildman eo evacuate several decks that were housing both Starfleet Officers and Civilians.  According to witnesses they were told to "stay off the deck" an hour before the explosion for reasons unknown.  

Some speculate that the explosion was botched maintenance on the aged station, while others believe that it was an insurrectionist attack by separatists groups within the Federation.  While details are scarce it has been confirmed that there were no deaths or injuries as a result from this incident.  Starfleet Coprs of Engineer have already dispatched a damage repair team and an investigation team to determine the cause of the blast.  Commander Wildman could not be reached for further comment.

Deep Space K-7 is no stranger to attacks, during the Federation-Klingon war there were several instances in which the station was used as a staging point and forward operating base by Starfleet.  The station itself has little value due to its irreparable and outdated equipment and systems, but it has been the long time "listening post" in the region providing a safe bastion for Federation citizens near the border.