Desk of the Executive Officer of the 26th Fleet

To: All Hands

From: khre'Riov Ineania t'Latta

Subject: Official Statement on the Incident Stardate 93927.68

On Stardate 93927.68 what was suppose to be an official ceremony to appoint myself Executive Officer of the 26th Fleet was interrupted by an untimely attack by an unknown hostile force. While this attack was underway I was trapped in a lift aboard the R.R.W. Bhaaenin Rhehhai, and despite what the broadcast may have shown, the attacker of Admiral Alenis was not myself.

The assassins attempted to kill Admiral Alenis, beaming in after the U.S.S. Kendra Valley was apparently fired upon by the Bhaaenin. These shots did not in fact originate from the Bhaaenin, and investigations are underway to find out who was responsible. The attackers fought their way to the Kendra Valley's bridge and opened fire upon Admiral Alenis, managing to severly injur her before she drove the assassins away. Admiral Alenis is now in a critical state in a medically induced coma, having survived her attack, but under the effects of an unknown neurotoxin agent.

As such, upon showing evidence of my actual innocence to command personnel of the fleet, I have assumed temporary command of the 26th until such a time that Starfleet appoints a replacement or Admiral Alenis recovers. In light of this, Rear Admiral Amalei Neraea will be considered Executive Officer of the 26th and continue to command Task Force Avalon with Captain Jyana Kai as her Executive Officer. Riov Tel'iss t'Latta will command Starbase Praetorian with Commander James Castillo acting as her Executive Officer. Riov Havraha tr'Valorium will be considered acting commander of Theirr Galae Temaeshim Drihaen with eiri'Riov Tesh t'Latta as his Executive Officer.

We are undertaking efforts to discover the origin of the attackers and will not rest until the attack upon our people is avenged. Until such a time, Elements preserve you all, and remain calm and ready to work together.

khre'Riov Ineania t'Latta

Acting Commanding Officer, 26th Fleet
Outback Sector