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This briefing is declassified pursuant to Starfleet directive 1109.817(a)

New Australia:


The Federation Colony world of New Australia was founded in the Psi Valorum sector block, along the border of the United Federation of Planets and the former Romulan Star Empire. New Australia is populated by a independent and strong will population, that often finds themselves in vigorous disagreements with the Federation. Prior to 2409 the planet was invaded by a Romulan Warlord attempting to capture the planet in a bid to win support amongst the Romulan Colonies prior to the rise of the Republic. Holodeck records exist for this event. They can be replayed using the title "When the War Began.." The assault to reclaim the planet was led by Vice Admiral George Kane.

New Australia is also the anchor point for the Caspian Wormhole, an artificial Eisenstein-Rosen Bridge that connects the Milky Way Galaxy to the anomaly knows as PTX-1138, otherwise known as...

The Outback:
Discovered in the 22nd century during the Earth-Romulan war, It was unreachable due to hazardous subspace anomalies..until now. The outback is a dwarf galaxy, most Dwarf galaxies are seen but have never been explored because by the time we see them, they break apart and are assimilated into larger galaxies by the tidal gravimetric forces.

Dark matter in heavy amounts, appear to be holding The Outback galaxy together. Dwarf Galaxies orbit The Milkyway below the core disc. The Outback is a unique phenomena because not only has it remained stable, but it's orbit has been"anchored" to line up with the Caspian Wormhole, acting as a doorway, to the Alpha quadrant via New Australian space.

Scans never revealed the threshold to contain a dwarf galaxy, because somehow the anomalies hiding and preventing it from being explored, were so powerful that the gravimetric forces distorted any sensor scans inward and reflected it back inconclusive. Starfleet does not believe this "gateway" to the Outback is natural. It is believed the Iconians could have created it as a "backdoor" to and from a captured dwarf galaxy they may have used as an incredible base of operations. Given the recent conclusion to the Khitomer War during the Qo'nos summit, and the revelation of the Iconian interference with Fluidic Space, Starfleet has commissioned a full scale investigation into the region. The U.S.S. Starfinder has been dispatched to the far-side of the Outback on a mission of exploration and discovery.

Starbase 381 - Praetorian


Praetorian is a Watchtower-class Starbase, originally constructed as a series of outposts and installations along the Klingon Neutral Zone, to guard Federation Colonies during the Khitomer War originally commissioned and commanded by Starfleet legend and Dominion War Veteran, Vice Admiral Kalus Rez. As guardian of it's designated sector and the anchorage of the 26th Fleet, Starbase 381 stood against countless assaults and raids from Klingon Warships seeking to pillage and burn Federation colonies.

With Admiral Rez' eventual retirement, Rear Admiral Jennifer Hunter was promoted to Commanding Officer of the 26th Fleet. Under her leadership, the 26th rallied local defense forces to push the Klingon Empire back again, and again. As the Romulan Republic's efforts at self sufficiently gained traction, Admiral Hunter ordered the 26th to assist in securing Republic space. Over the course of four years, the Federation's policy of peace through charity worked, and led by Admiral Hunter, the 26th Fleet seized on the opportunity to aid the fledgling Republic. For over a year, the 26th fleet fought valiantly to secure Republic space as the Romulans rebuilt their Navy. Through these hard fought acts of charity and compassion, the Romulan Republic was born, and allied with both the United Federation of Planets and the Klingon Empire. Finally, after a decade of war, peace was on the horizon.

However, not all members of the KDF were so inclined towards peaceful relations with their former allies. The Klingon General known as K'Vorg gathered nine minor houses and formed a plot to wage one final strike against the Federation. Their target, Praetorian and the Colonies in her theater of operations. Admiral Hunter's command however came to a sudden conclusion amid the charge of treason. Embroiled in a political scandal, Admiral Hunter turned herself over to authorities so that she could levy charges against other Starfleet Flag Officers which had violated Starfleet protocols.

Her chosen successor was Captain Corris Sprint, Commanding Officer of Starbase 381, whose wife was kiled as a result of the Conspiracy to which Admiral Hunter was party to. Advanced to Rear Admiral, Sprint was forced to set aside his grief to combat the Column of KDF warships barreling down on his new command.

The 600

600 Klingon Warships barreled down on Praetorian in one massive invasion. If the column of KDF warships was able to breach the perimeter, the war could have been been lost. Starfleet's 26th Fleet rallied to the challenge and fought a losing, running, battle with the invading forces. Out numbered, out gunned, the 26th was forced to evacuate as many Colonies as possible, but it was never enough. Admiral Sprint, untried in a large strategic position, grappled with his new responsibilities. Gone were the days of commanding an escort. The pressure of the new rank forced Sprint to think in unconventional means. As his XO, Captain Llywarch was able to provide his Admiral with one un-palitaple solution after another. Finally drawing inspiration from the Republic Officers stationed to the Starbase, the decision was made to make use of a defunct Iconian Gateway found on a small planetoid in the Eta Erindi sector. It was hoped that a displacement wave would relocate the Klingon armada to physically push them back towards Klingon Space.

The plan failed, horribly. The Iconian technology backfired, resulting in quantum singularity that violently translocated Starbase 381 and the vessels in it's immediate vicinity to the Outback. Now repaired and refit, Praetorian stands as the guardian of this Dwarf Galaxy, and the closest Starbase to the independent peoples of New Australia. The political landscape has altered drastically, as the local populace of the Outback make contact with both The Starfinder, and the 26th Fleet.


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