((Starting November 2nd we move our operation Icly to the new holding. We will spend at least a week there. OSB will run from that base during this week. Icly we are there setting up and fitting out the new facility. Also we can run some exploration plots, please step up and help flesh out some exploration type story lines.))

Outpost 42 has been rebuilt, it is now a state of the art research facility. If you are receiving this communique you have been chosen for the first rotation out to the new base. Be prepared for some hard work. The Corps of Engineers have done the heavy lifting, the basics are in place but there is still much to do in order to fit out this station to meet our needs.

Files are attached to this message with the basic layouts so that you will know your way around once you arrive. Cargo ships are already standing by at Praetorian's docking ring ready to receive cargo from each department to be transported over.



((Thanks to Juzel Rix for the station graphics!))