This is a GNN special report. With the end of the war things are beginning to settle back to some sense of normalcy.  In an interview with Admiral Quinn  he touched on several things he is now focused on. Quinn: "Obviously rebuilding the fleet is a priority and every shipyard will soon be at capacity."

But as the interview continued it soon became clear what his main focus will be.  Quinn: "We are going to get back to exploration, there is still much to explore in the Delta quadrant. Also there will be a renewed effort for exploration in the dwarf Galaxy PTX 1138 , better known as the Outback."

We continued on this line with Qunn asking about specifics as to furthering exploration in the dwarf galaxy. Quinn: "Right now, Starbase 381 is the only  major fixed presence in the Outback. Some time ago a forward Science station was attempted within in the edge of the Dark Expanse. This proved problematic. Then with the war and the Iconians overrunning that sector the status of that outpost is unclear. Elements of the 26th fleet have been tasked with surveying the outpost and and reporting its status. Once we have that information I will authorize the Starfleet Corps of Engineers to move the outpost to the edge of the Expanse and begin reconstruction. Our new allies the Krenim have expressed interest in collaborating with Starfleet science projects and will be involved with the new Stations design."

Artists conception of the proposed rebuilt Outpost 42

Reports of domestic unrest in post war Trillius

There was much controversy swirling around the Symbiont Councils decision to recall all Joined Trill back to the home world due to Iconian incursions in the Alpha and Beta quadrants. It now appears that a separatist movement known as "The Awakening " has arisen with designs to remove the Council from power. The long standing argument as to the rights of the host compared to the rights of the Symbiont seem to be coming to a head. So far there are no reports of violence but there have been some very heated discussions within Council chambers as several prominent Trill have joined the movement giving it significant traction among the general populace. When asked about the situation Admiral Quinn had no comment.

Official sources within the council's public relations office were quick to dismiss the separatist movement as any kind of  significant issue.

Strange reports from the Outback

War news from the front within PTX 1138 seldom made headlines during the conflict as reports focused on encroachments closer and involving Federation home worlds. It was known however that Starbase 381 "Praetorian" was surrounded by  an overwhelming force.  Everyone's expectation was that the base would be overrun. However shortly before the war came to a close, the 26th fleet was apparently able to turn the tides in their favor. One of our reporters was able to intercept a transmission made from one Fennec Vulpes, a notorious criminal known to operate in the Outback. This message suggested things that given the source we are unlikely to believe. Due to that we will not be sharing what was reported until we can confirm the report with 381 command. Our office has reached out to Admiral Corris Sprint, as yet we have not received a reply.