Academy Week

[CO] Kenzi a posted Jan 15, 16

26th Fleet to hold series of seminars at Starfleet Academy
Report by ENS Kos Th'zylress, Starfleet News Service

The Starfleet Academy Press Office released today an announcement that the 26th Fleet, stationed at the remote Starbase 381 in the Outback Galaxy, would be holding a series of seminars and lectures at the Academy from February 7 to February 13. Academy Press Secretary, Lieutenant Commander Debra O'Hallen stated that the Academy staff, faculty, and cadet body were, "Excited to hear about the fantastic achievements and discoveries being made by the 26th Fleet in the Outback."

The 26th Fleet has made the news a lot recently with its opening of a new research outpost deep in the Outback, and the construction of an intricate ion corridor to essentially create a highway for space traffic between Starbase 381 and the new outpost.

The newly promoted CO of the 26th Fleet, Admiral Alenis, has emphasized a return to exploration and scientific discovery for the 26th Fleet.

However, not all of the talks will be on scientific achievement. It can be expected that numerous lectures on tactics and strategy, engineering feats, and security procedure will take place as well.

Commander Castillo, Chief of Security for Starbase 381, was caught by reporters from the Starfleet News Service outside Starfleet Security Command where he had been attending a high-level meeting at the time of the announcement. Upon questioning regarding the announcement, he stated:

I believe the 26th Fleet will have a lot to offer the cadets at the Academy. The breakthroughs being made by the Science and Engineering Departments on board 381 and the exploration being conducted by TFA [Task Force Avalon] are all really exciting. Meanwhile, I'm sure the tactics and strategies being developed by our TFA Captains and the Security and Tactical Departments onboard 381 will intrigue the Tactical and Security cadets, and give the Academy professors some new maneuvers to teach.

No matter what the 26th Fleet will be lecturing on, it is sure to be exciting and informative.

Starfleet Academy Grounds

((OOC Note: From Feb. 7 - 13, the 26th Fleet will be having Academy Week. Make a special new cadet character and come RP out the Academy Life. All 26th RP will be at the Starfleet Academy during that week.))

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