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Praetorian Station – normally a bright beacon welcoming visitors and traders to the Outback, now sits dark, the stars around it seemingly brighter than usual as a majority of the station’s power and lights remain still offline. Green plasma fires highlight a scorched outer hull of this majestic base.


On stardate 94737.9, February 18th at 6pm by the Earth calendar, a catastrophic failure occurred in the base’s primary reactor core. This failure led to the obliteration of half of the main engineering sections as well as cascading plasma explosions across many decks. At this time, it is still unclear as to what lead to this terrible tragedy, but one thing is for certain: Task Force Avalon was there to assist.

Within minutes of the explosion Starfleet ships could be seen hard-docking with the station to supplement power for life support, hazard containment, and restoring gravity which was lost on over half the base for a short period of time. In addition to supplying power, transporter activity skyrocketed as engineering and medical teams from all ships began beaming over to help their counterparts on the base with triage and emergency crisis response.

In what can only be described as a scene from a disaster-holo, triage areas saw crew, civilians, and officers rushing to help their injured comrades as they lay broken and bleeding on any available surface. After what seemed like days of grueling firefights and endless streams of wounded pouring in, strained emotions and exhausted crew finally gained control of the situation and stabilized the base.

Chief Medical Officer Doctor Jeleen Aelae offered an official report,

"It is the duty of this medical officer to declare the confirmed total death count resulted from the crisis of February 18th, 2417, and the crisis of February 21st, 2417, to be 1,088 deaths."

Official counts now show that beyond the deceased, over 5,000 individuals were also injured. At the time of this report, four days later, there were still over 900 people being overseen by the medical department for critical injuries.

Just when things looked as though they couldn’t get worse, yet another disaster struck when three unknown alien ships attacked the base. These ships came barely two days after the horrific events of the reactor failure, while crew was still attempting to gain the upper hand against the damage.

Civilians were hurried to safe shelter as hundreds of alien intruders poured onto the station. Thankfully, the valiant efforts of the starbase security department were able to force the boarding parties off before wide-spread damage was dealt. I speak on behalf of everyone on the station when I say that the 37 officers killed that day will always be remembered for their heroic actions.

Fleet Admiral Jorel Quinn offered the following statement about both incidents,

“The strength of the 26th Fleet has been tested time and time again, and these most recent occurrences prove that the officers serving on the frontier of PTX-1138, or, rather, The Outback, are the standard by which Starfleet officers should be held against. Starfleet will be doing everything to ensure a swift recovery of the base, and we extend our deepest thoughts and condolences to the friends and families of those who perished.”

Command staff of Praetorian have been understandably busy with other matters, and were unavailable for comments, however in light of the losses of the Iconian War, it is uncertain if standard Starfleet recruitment will be enough to bring the base back to peak operating numbers.

Adama Griffin is a Federation News Network reporter stationed on the frontier lines bringing you the latest and most up-to-date information about the Federation’s farthest-reaching base.