This is a Galactic News Network special report:

Original fears of a total loss of the Andor system are thankfully now proven to be unfounded. Official news coming from Starfleet Command Headquarters has now confirmed that reports are being received from the U.S.S. Congo. Captain Wainwright confirming that Iconian forces have left the system.

Details are still coming in but here is what we know so far. The initial Iconian attacks were designed to isolate not destroy the population centers. Orbital attacks focused on communication centers in an attempt further isolate forces on the planet. Apparently the Iconian objective was to secure the planet as intact as possible and to use it as a forward staging center.

It appears from the reports coming in that what the Heralds did not count on was the resolve and tenacity of the Andorian people. Imperial Guard forces augmented by apparently nearly the entire population of the planet, offered a relentless assault on the herald forces.


It is the opinion of Captain Wainwright that the Heralds losses became too great for them to carry out their mission and they opted to withdraw and regroup. The U.S.S Congo is now offering any assistance it can and will remain in the system until further notice.

GNN will continue to cover this story and bring you updates as they become available.

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