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OOC News and Announcements concerning the 26th Fleet. Newswire is IC News and information.
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By [CO] Kenzi a Jan 10, 17
Off-topic chat and discussion.
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By [V] T'Molina o Sat at 12:03 pm
Open Starbase Discussion & Information. Questions about the OSB? news posts and guidelines to make the project run a bit more smoothly.
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By Kirito Sep 21, 16
Computer Core
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Storage for all fleet-wide reference materials.
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By [FS] Jyana Kai a Oct 12, 17
Short stories.
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By Stacy Adams Jan 10, 18
Operations Deck - In-Character Section.
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Recently issued intelligence reports and news from across the galaxy.
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By [XO] Ineania t'Latta ao Nov 21, 17
Communications for and within SB381.
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By [V] Chianna "Chicky" Prax Tue at 06:35 pm
IC Emails and communications to one another go here. Ship / Shore Comms.
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By [FS] Amalei Neraea a Tue at 06:10 pm
In Character Command and Control for Task Force Avalon.
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By LT Asami Stokour Tue at 08:34 pm
In Character Command and Control for the Romulan Republic Long Patrol Fleet Theirr
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By [V] Inko Nov 11, 17
In Character Command and Control for the KDF’s 52nd Legion
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By Aleris Tynet Oct 5, 17
This forum will hold IC and OOC threads relating to the recurring TOS RP.
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By K'Mieuu M'Rella May 26, 17
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Admiral Neraea returns to her office for the new year...
Lt. Syvian Returns to his duties on 381 in Ops.
The USS Carl Sagan docks with 381, disembarking it's crew for some well needed RnR
The USS Carl Sagan begins its return trip to 381. Scheduled arrival estimated on Tuesday
The Atlas departs for Earth after receiving the stand down orders.
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OOC Shoutbox
I'm getting tired of missing things that happen
Can we have events posted here as well as Discord? I can't run Discord and people never tell me when stuff's going down.
From the island of Ireland, a very happy new year to all my fleet mates. May 2018 be all you hope for and more!
Hugs to everyone. Out of game at the moment but miss you fine folks.
Greetings from the Ocean. All is going well!
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