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21 hours ago
Anyone here?
21 hours ago
The Discord Link on the homepage appears to be bad, anyone have the updated link?
14 hours ago
I'm working on it. Hope to have the updated link up within the next couple days. Soon as I get some time.
6 hours ago
I haven't been on... In the longest time.
6 hours ago
5 hours ago
The link expired, next time. Perhaps someone should make it so it stays permanent. Usually it lasts a 24 hour period unless you click "Set this link to never expire."
5 hours ago
And then copy paste it.
5 hours ago
4 hours ago
My character seems to not be on the roster anymore, I can only assume it's because I wasn't online in a while?
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When Natalya hears that the Foresight is missing, she's been supposedly heard saying "Whatever happened, they probably didn't see it coming."
Reports begin circulating that the VSAS T'pol's Foresight has missed its regular check in with Praetorian while exploring the Looking Glass Expanse...
A final tactical exercise is to be held tonight before results of the operational efficiency trials are announced, rumored to be the most brutal yet.
Commander Whittleston, sends an inquiry to both Security and Engineering as to the unexplainable explosion of the alien vessel
The Captured alien vessel involved in the 'Wanderer attack' suddenly and unexplainable explodes leaving nothing left for study.
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OOC Shoutbox
Space Balance changes will go in with Sesaon 13 next month.
Interesting, so it sounds like the next Reputation will feature class-specific equipment sets, rather than the general ones of the past.
Also... This means that the Pilotbirds and pretty much every warbird get a stronger alpha. I approve. >_>
I will somehow make a donkey-esque helmsman.
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