2013 has been an exciting time for Star Trek Online. New ships, a new faction, expanded story… the list goes on and on. There is nothing role players love more, than a good story. So what is role playing, exactly? Well, roleplaying is, by definition -- "the art of playing a character in a fictional setting" (thank you Misters Merriam & Webster).

"Roleplaying, [sic] takes us through the book and past that last page--past those two apocalyptic words that end our thrill ride. Roleplaying allows us to step into the eyes of a character and attempt to experience that world first"

In February the 26th Fleet made it a point to attend the RP Roundtable organized by our friends at The Trust and hosted by our Community Manager Branflakes. We were excited to see so many players there supporting this great hobby, being passionate and generating ideas amongst the community. One of the major hurdles that everyone at the discussion seemed to agree on, was the lack of random pick up role play, or role play randomly occurring in the game world. It’s difficult to meet other characters at random when the game offers up so many different instances of the same iconic locations.


Our answer to this dilemma is simple. Provide a fixed location where role players can congregate; a place where role players can meet new people and network, we want new RP guilds to form out of project, a role play community that thrives in a Star Trek universe! I believe that by giving those players a dedicated nexus to role play and congregate, we can empower the player base.

Starbase 381 opened to the public on July 17th, offering new opportunities and adventures to dozens of role players. Those players have since gone on to make new connections with other role players. Friendships were formed, connections made. When the Season 3 Finale for the 26th Fleet rolled around, our friends in The Trust, Task Force Argo, United Sector Task Force and Story Tellers all joined us in a night of action, adventure and explosions. A total of 80 players got together and mingled on one night.

During our previous internal Season, we wrapped up the majority of the Klingon War, leaving it in a state of cold non-conflict, much like the status given by Cryptic following the Borg invasion missions. Tensions are high, but the shooting has stopped, for now. Relocated to a pocket Galaxy first conceived by our friends at Star Trek: Starfinder, Praetorian stands poised at the entrance to a new galaxy of wonder and excitement, a Galaxy where anything is possible and the imaginations of the community can run wild. Join the adventure, join the fun, and join together.

Go Boldly....



Q: How does one gain access to Starbase 381?
A: The Chat Channel SB381 has been specifically created to handle docking requests. Join the chat channel, and request docking permission. Praetorian's staff of Starfleet officers will direct you to a docking assignment and grant you and your crew shore leave! Torg's Bar is located on the Promenade, it's become a hot spot in the 3 months that the Open Starbase Project has been running.

Q: I've never role played before. I have no idea what I'm doing, can I hang around and see what it's all about?
A: Absolutely- role playing is a hobby, and like any hobby, the people who share in it and enjoy it want to introduce it to new people. Come to the base, hang out, watch how it's done. When you feel comfortable enough to partake, jump right in.

Q: What sort of character is going to be welcome on your station?
A: Simply put, most. We're a guild that tries to find more ways to say 'yes' to role play, so as long as it's consistent with Star Trek canon I doubt we're going to see a problem. We're trying to recreate some of the atmosphere from Deep Space Nine, with Starfleet officers, Federation allies, civilians, etc freely roaming the station and engaging in missions and mischief together.

Q: Are we going to run into any erotic RP out in the open on your starbase?
A: No, you're not. If we see it happening we'll kindly ask that it be taken elsewhere. We're trying to generate a PG13 atmosphere on the base, adult RP should be taken to private quarters. You have your own ship interior for that. If it happens more than once we might have to think twice about inviting you back to the base for RP.

Q: Can I blow up your starbase?
A: Please don't. Like all fleets, we've worked hard to get where we are now, and would appreciate it not being destroyed by a natural disaster or a bomb. However, if you have an idea that you think other guests would enjoy, please bring it to the fleet's leaders so we can discuss it. Our goal is to make an atmosphere where all are welcome and comfortable to RP.

Q: Can I create a mini (or large) plot involving your station and fleet members?
A: Rp of all kinds are welcome. The idea is to network and generate our own content, bring your imagination and see else will be interested in taking part in your ideas.

Q: What sort of conflict can I start on the station?
A: If the conflict is 'serious' IE gun fights or similar, that will need to be worked out as a storyline with the people involved and especially station security.. If it is something like a verbal confrontation or perhaps a bar fight, then have at it but be prepared for the constable to come break it up.... maybe.

Q: How long are we permitted to stay on the station for each session?
A. You can stay as long as you want, provided there is no unnecessary drama or you are not AFK for an extended period of time.. Remember, we want the base to be welcoming to all types of role play, but we also need to keep in mind that each map has a maximum number of players allowed at any given time. The Embassy has a cap of 40 players, the Starbase of 100. If you take too long AFK you might find yourself removed when you get back. This is nothing personal, it's just a need to make room for active role play.

Q: Who are your Senior Members?
A: Our senior members are clearly identified on our fleet website and it's MEMBERS tab.

Q: Which members can I contact if I have a problem with someone or something?
A: If you have an issue with a member of the 26th Fleet, you can speak to someone in the fleet's leadership. However personal issues between players need to be handled independently. It's not our place to police role play or players.