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Mon at 9:44
i love this webpage design it is fabulous
Mon at 16:25
we have a bitchin web tribble
Mon at 21:16
Thank you. I don't take complete credit though!
Come now jyana, you get the bulk of it for keeping it going flawlessly :d
Mon at 22:34
stoppit. y'all makinme blush
Haha, so the southern comes out in the Webtribble when she's all bashful huh?
Wed at 4:23
That implies the southern ever was hidden. (it wasn't)
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The Atlas takes position on the captured Alien vessel, still at Red Alert and keeps weapons locked on the ship.
Novo was seen entering her quarters after the attack and hasn't been seen since. The computer reports she's no longer on the station, but nothing left her quarters since she entered.
One of the new 'Friendly' Alien fighters still circles the Starbase. All attempts to scan it's interior fail.
QUAC freighters are standing by. Please send the charter request again. I don't seem to have it.
Starfleet has chartered a freighter to deliver emergency supplies for Starbase repair to New Australia for pickup.
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OOC Shoutbox
Das no good! Hope you get well soon
But I got my warbird out and everything. D: Get well soon!
No Romulan night tonight - have had to tend a sick child the last two days and have something myself, so completely burned out. Sorry. :(
Sword of the Raptor Star confirmed real! [link]
Keep it coming, Cryptic! And then maybe I won't think making Theral an engineer was a horrible mistake! ^_^
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