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Mon at 12:36
Hello! May I rejoin on Z'tanni or Ariennye Solos? ( you might know z'tanni she was my orion scientist )
Mon at 12:39
I don't see why not. Just send in an application :d
Mon at 12:48
so reapply then?
Mon at 12:48
I was a part of the fleet before, but you guys want me to reapply to rejoin? :p
Mon at 13:00
Yeah, I think that's what they want.
Mon at 13:02
Hmm, alright, I'll look into it, might just end up rewriting it all in that case.
Mon at 13:35
I know, I know, they're horribly mean. They love their forms, tho >.<
Mon at 15:33
Did you leave the fleet or did you get removed for inactivity?
Mon at 15:33
I got preoccupied with life and so was removed for inactivity, yes.
Mon at 15:35
In that case an application is not required.
Mon at 15:35
Not sure if you're still in the 26OOC channel in the game or not, but when you're on just poke about to see if someone on staff is around, and we can get you back in.
Mon at 15:36
I wasn't in the channel anymore.
Mon at 15:36
We'll definitely see what we can do. :)
Mon at 15:39
Right-o, I'll do that. I can probably get online for a brief moment right now.
anyone else unable to get the launcher to go?
Tue at 2:12
STO is down Loch. DDOS >.>
aah the idiots are at it again
Tue at 2:14
mmhm, so in the meantime I can type on the forums (since I also finished school today)
Tue at 3:28
STO still down?
Tue at 3:42
it is for me
Tue at 3:46
Is STO down?
Tue at 3:46
and sto is alive
Tue at 18:07
Wow guys. Buy a R&D Pack and get a chance to win a T6 TOS Connie.
Tue at 18:09
Tue at 18:35
a very very very low chance
Tue at 18:46
Naturally. But still, the stats on that ship? Jeez.
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The markets on Asher IV are already going crazy, with many people desperate to get their hands (or tentacles, in some cases) on these exotic goods.
The first of many asheran freighters to make the trip to the Milky Way returns from its sojourn, the cargo bays packed full of exotic goods.
A freighter arrives at 381 quietly late in the evening, and offloads cargo. It remains moored - its crew happily drinking the night away at Torg's.
Suddenly a wild Armande, Holo Armande and a multi-tude of Engineers invade Destiny and Rodney.. rumor has it Holo armande was locked on Destiny to think about his life choices.
USS Kuznetsov docks at 381 after a long and uneventful patrol
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OOC Shoutbox
I might have built the warp coils and thrown them into a photonic warp nacelle, but if I had an engineer and he was asked if that would work, he would probably reply "I have no idea."
If i had more time.. i could make destiny do a tap dance.. alas xD
Not critizing....just curious.
Mark I have nine days to make Destiny warp... there is no way to do that without stripping Rodney. At the same time.. Rodney is going to get modernized. It's a win win.
But....why the stip-down of Rodney? She was in good nick, I thought. Surely easier to repair her and get her into service than transplant a nacelle....again.
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