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CATCH IT! *chases with a net*
Sat at 23:29
Discovery NCC-1031 departing, for angles and dangles.
Sat at 23:31
I kinda like it, it's different
Sun at 1:28
A D7 mated with a starfleet ship, its uglyyyy
Sun at 1:28
Someone was drunk.
Sun at 2:06
It's not a new design really, concept art for this configuration has existed since the 70s
Sun at 2:06
Look up Planet of the Titans on mem alpha
Sun at 2:26
Everything about that movie idea is horrible.
Sun at 2:43
I would say there were contributing factors to the decision not to make it.
Sun at 2:45
I'm okay with it though.
Sun at 2:45
But my expectations for hte ship design were low.
Sun at 22:50
T'Mo do you have Discord?
Sun at 23:13
Nooope, why?
Mon at 0:13
I made the Ramilies into a Star Trek CCG card
Mon at 1:27
...It seems my game has decided to completely die on me.
Tue at 4:17
Ooh, you should send it to me! Or attach it to a post in the RP stats thread!
Tue at 11:17
T'Mo look for the thread Shadow's Star Trek Card creations
... Christ almighty I want one for my stuff now
Now I kinda want to see Cae's...
... PFFFT, Once again, someone get's the last name wrong. :p
Tue at 20:22
How is it spelled?
Tue at 20:22
Oh no a
Tue at 20:22
Easy fix
lol, thanks brother, it's a common mistake I find
Tue at 20:53
Also added bagpipes. :p
lol, do you 'want' me to start having Mac play them at Torg's again?
51 mins ago
Hey all, so it looks like Cryptic has heard the cries for awesome swag and answered with this:
50 mins ago
*all prices subject to change, currently on Tribble.
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A 'battle hardened' Ambassador Harrowman finds herself more and more preoccupied as the talks enter their tenth day.
Ladera Toprill gets discharged from sickbay and immediately sets off for her new office, ready to work
Several people have commented on the new Klingon LT who's been seen roaming the station and crawling through every jeffries tub on the station since meeting with Commander Smith. The only thing he's carrying? A PADD and standard-issue engineering kit
After some reflection in her quarters, Jeleen Aelae makes a call that she thought she'd never make in a long time...
<c> - sweaty, shakey palms.
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OOC Shoutbox
It also includes a 22nd century Maco outfit!
Photos of new WoK uniforms added to tribble: [link]
For anyone wanting that MACO outfit from ENT, there's good news on the horizon on Tribble! Prices subject to change! [link]
So, my main laptop refuses to charge, and I'm now on my tablet. No steam, might install Discord. Ping here for timebeing. :p
RE: USS Discovery: [link]
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