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A disturbance was reported in the USS Odin's guest quarters last night. Crewmen say it sounded like a wild targ had been released in there. When contacted by security Captain Wright said he'd take care of it personally.
Crew and techs can be seen departing the U.S.S. Carl Sagan as she prepares to get underway. Official flight plan lists a quick trip to K-26 and back to see how well the Metaphasic shield calivrations take
"True strength is the flower of Wisdom, but its seed is action. - T.S."
With the departure of Commander Shirada from MACO Group 9, a hand-written note is found in the centre of the Team 30 mess hall. It simply reads:
Jasad has begun to conduct spot checks of labs and offices of 381 Sciences, though no report has been given yet from any review, rumour has it he never gives out anything higher than 'moderately acceptable'.
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Yeah some events I agree don't need screenshots, I think it just gives life. I mean there's enough text to create a series of novels for the fleet, few images indeed help immerse :)
Hm, musing on the recently-posted shield boffinry... might it make sense for a ship designed for atmo (Defiant, Mercury, Intrepid, etc) to be able to switch between elliptical/aerodynamic and conformal?
I approve of Koppens scuttle butt post
Alina your latest scuttlebutt had me giggling :d
Well some events there just aren't any pictures cause we have to use the power of ~imagination
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