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Multiple Thuntaran warp ships were detected jumping to warp 3 away from their planet by the probe left there. They went in all directions, broadcasting friendly greetings over short range subspace. Though it'll be months before they get anywhere...
Upon entering Federation Alliance Space, Indefatigable sends its regular check-in, even though it is two days away from the Starbase.
Captain Scott receives word from command and is none too happy about it as moments later yelling can be heard from his ready room
Commander johnson has been seen in his office doing Administrative paperwork
The John Paul Jones departs Praetorian, registering a flight path towards the Monsoon Nebula
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I hope things are better now Biska.
Hope you are alright Biska. Been there.
Holy he'll Biscuit, you okay?!
sorry my recent absence. Wasn't expecting a medical check to turn suddenly into being a patient for several days.
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