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rumor has it that several communications are being received and sent by the Trill Symbiosis Commission and several others in the Trill Government. Their receipient is unknown.
Newly-minted Captain Scott McIntyre assumes command of USS Ramillies, relieving Rear Admiral T'Molina. The Admiral keeps her flag on Ramillies.
Admrial Neraea's Yeoman, Ensign Saafor, has been seen polishing the silver for a fine china tea service.
USS Kuznetsov appears to vanish while on patrol, no transponder signal, no sensor contact, and any communications directed towards it are met with silence. Last known position was in Sector H-13
In the OB-190 system, the Asheran Union begins conducting an investigation into a mission tachyon relay satellite...
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A look at hte goodies
oh man, something even bigger: for fleet holdings, the various commodity and item requirements such as torpedoes or devices are being converted into a single EC entry, except contraband. that wil save soooo much time and money
Alas, it seems the only change to torpedoes is that they (hopefully) won't desynch as bad at long ranges/high mobility.
Ooh, nice
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