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Tue at 18:02
Hello! I was wondering if anyone was around here?
Tue at 19:59
Tue at 20:28
Oh right, just chcked here right now since I was messing around in STO!
Tue at 20:29
I was wondering: I'm a new player, both to STO and to the Star Trek universe in general. I'm an experienced RPer, and I'd be interested in joining an RP Fleet, but I feel like I lack the general understanding of how the federation operates and what's expected of someone RPing in a Fleet like say your own.
Tue at 20:29
Are there any resources out there that help with this so I can park my space pig for RP and not make a fool of myself?
Tue at 22:19
Memory Alpha has alot of Canon source material for Star Trek
22 hours ago
Oh yeah my problem wasn't so much with finding canon material, but I find myself a bit lost concerning the chain of command, ranks and their differences, for example.
20 hours ago
Belated response but an easy, and simple way to work it out that worked for me was that: Cmdr and up are in charge of something (a ship, a station, etc.), Lt.Cmdr a section of something (Science, Agriculture, etc.), Lt a group of peeps in a section, and Ensign in charge of whatever someone higher tells them they are (usually themselves XD ).
20 hours ago
Not an expert or anything. :)
19 hours ago
Simple enough! Thanks.
19 hours ago
No worries :d Hope to see you character soon, I've got an app in and waiting now. :)
18 hours ago
I'll send in my app when I've leveled a bit and had a chance to actually see the game and get my thoughts together on what I want for my character. Already have a few ideas but they need work!
18 hours ago
(Still sad that you can't be a Federation Gorn though, but I'm pretty happy with my Tellarite).
18 hours ago
Ah that's a shame, can't even through the alien race? I made my Cardassian through there :)
18 hours ago
I haven't tried, but I doubt it. I get the feeling that the alien generator is entirely for human-like characters (relatively, anyway).
18 hours ago
*nods* A shame, still Tellarite is cool :d
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