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Wed at 7:32
Vespa has reach, Nautilus has flexibility >.>
Wed at 7:32
I promise that I can be entertaining without exploding something of the fleet's
Wed at 7:33
No such thing, Winter.
Wed at 7:34
Okay, the station threatening to explode wasn't my fault
Wed at 7:34
No, I mean there's no such thing as being entertaining without stuff blowing up :d
Wed at 13:27
Short question - is there any place for non-26th members on your page to post story stuff, logs or the like?
Wed at 18:59
Hey Calas, unfortunatly there isn't a spot like that for non-members
Wed at 19:02
long and the short of it, we only have one person maintaining the forums and there is a lot of information that is contained that it would be a bit more unwieldy for them to manage non-member stuff as well
Wed at 19:13
perhaps in the future, if we get more than just one person to help manage the forums, we can create a seperate section for non-members
Wed at 22:30
Not a problem, just figured I'd ask at least :)
Wed at 22:41
definitely. no harm in asking
Heh, this has turned into a 'keg after work' kind of night.
Thu at 5:24
apologies if this question has already been asked, but are there any plans to do like a TOS era 26th Fleet for the new TOS federation faction coming out in the expansion?
Thu at 6:02
Sadly, not to my knowledge.
Thu at 6:20
well that sucks
18 hours ago
No. Not a separate fleet.
18 hours ago
We are leaning towards a single TOS ship and a "TOS" night of rp.
18 hours ago
That moment when you get to the auto dealership to get your tags at the agreed upon day and time, only to find out the dealer has gone about 50 miles out of town on business
14 hours ago
They're fault then
Called em, they're sending out someone
14 hours ago
14 hours ago
they are for his car to show that his car is registered
Number Plates Ana.
Well, that and the 'tax tag'
14 hours ago
That's a sexy Nebula
Nebula Aft is Best Aft
13 hours ago
Dat Aft
Major storm rolling through out my way btw guys, just lost power for about a tenth of a second, might lose it again, so if I vanish suddenly, that would be why
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