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A large klingon war ship exits the caspian wormhole and immediately cloaks. It's course indicates it's heading towards the 52nd Legion's Firebase.
Doctor Mogedu lounges on the beach, perfecting his tan
Captain Wellesley has decided to not attend the beginning of Risa shore leave, he will however visit Risa next week.
Inko was seen already in her beachwear before she departed the starbase for Risa.. meanwhile, Natalya remains on 381 for a time, filling out paperwork
Rix was seen catching a ride to Risa with some of the local Avalon traffic headed that way. Since his arrival, he'd been spotted passed out drunk on several beaches.
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Other bonuses: New Miranda variants and the Where No Man Has Gone Before variant of the TOS Constitution.
I still didn't get to shoot anything.
Yay! PAX Prime tickets acquired and room booked!
involved in the Kingdom Event wednesday*
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