Admiral's Log
Stardate 87264.5

I remember a time when the only thing we had to fear was the Borg, lurking in the shadows. The Klingons, rattling their sabers, baying for blood like a bunch of Viking savages. I miss those days, and I realize how 'easy' we had it, when our only foe was the Empire. Starfleet has been broken and bloodied, since Operation Daisey Cutter.

Captain Kragen's incompotence and short sightedness has cost us all dearly. In a panic to defend the civilian centers being bombarded, we rushed head long into a poorly concieved plan to 'assault' the Iconian Sphere dubbed Beach Head. We mustered every ship available to the alliance and threw ourselves at them, breaking against the sphere's outter shell, and the defending Heralds like waves cresting against the prow of an ocean going vessel

Starfleet managed to get a team aboard the Herald Flagship, but names are not being released for the saftey of the officers involved. SCIS is worried about retaliation against the operatives that managed to kill M'Tara, one of the three Iconians leading this invasion. Hers was an unexpected ray of hope to an otherwise disasterous mission, however the celebrations were fleeting, at best.

With the murder of their icon, the enemy forces have become incensed. Where quarter and surrender were acceptable options to the enemy, they've begun a policy of scorched Earth. They're burning population centers to the ground, and our ships are helpless against them.

I'll never forget the last time I spoke to Tomas DiNozzo, Admiral in Command of the 10th Fleet. Most of his ships were relegated to support roles, cargo transportation, medical shuttling. A lot of his ships were pulled from mothballs because they had hulls capable of maintaining breathable atmosphere and warp engines. No weapons, no shields, just transports.

When the Heralds entered orbit of Andoria and began to melt the southern glaciars, five of Tom's ships were in orbit. Every one of them selected a target, and jumped to warp one. They obliterated themselves, buying time for the Home Fleet to get there from Sol, to drive off the invaders. I'm pretty sure that Tom was on one of those ships, or has since followed the example of his Captains.

We can't win this war, anymore than a man pissing into the wind can subdue a forrest fire.

I hear rumors that Quinn has an ace up his sleeve out in the Delta Quadrant, that the SCE has enlisted some of civilization's brightest minds to build some sort of "super-weapon". Frankly, it sounds like the wishful thinking and bullsqueeze flights of fantsy that the lower ranks tell themselves. If anything, this Black Op is is more likely to be an ARK operation, to run concurrent with [REDACTED].

I'm taking the 26th back into the fight, on Sunday. We'll be going to 39 Sierra to resupply, repair, and take on her wounded crew. The old battlement has seen a lot of action since the war started, and her fleet needs the support. I've drawn up a list of targets that I need to forward to Captain T'Molina.

Captain Alenis' operations under cover were instrumental in locating these targets of opprotunity. I won't name them here, I can't, they're too important. If not to the war effort in any meaningful capacity, at least to the morale of the men and women who are being butchered in this conflagaration.

If I can't save their lives, the least I can do is try and offer them some sense of accomplishment before the Reaper comes for them.

Captain Kai on the other hand, will have different assignment. She and her Nautaliss project will begin accumilating civilians. Colonies, random transports, I don't care. We need to get as many men and women into the Outback as possible. At this point, I dont think it matters what species they are, or what their qualifications or credentials are.

Where there is life, theres hope, and I'll be damned if I'm going to lose that, too.