Detail.. Atteeeeen-shuuuun!

It's my absolute pleasure to announce two new faces being added to the spheres of Adjutant and Senior Officer which is effective immediately!

Adjutant Appointments:

Former Senior Officer Kyro Smith will be stepping up to bat as our new Public Relations and Recruitment Adjutant! With our awesome liberated drone, Andrew Kumar respectfully fulfilling his term as Kyro's predecessor, he's drafted up an awesome guide to ensure that the future line of people to take this position can bring in the best, nicest and drama free recruits, making the 26th place your favorite online home. No doubt Krycis is going to bring some of his own techniques to the table though. Mister Smith has been a substantial part of our back bone through his loyalty and determination toward the fleet. We all know his work is going to really bolster all of our experiences together!

Senior Officer Appointments:

Then next we have the Soveriegn Commanding Trill herself, Neraea! Neraea will be joining the ranks of the 26th Fleet in a new role as one of our Senior Officers. It has been through hard work, dedication and truly helpful provided insight that she joins others in the line up of SO's. While her duties are not anything specific, she'll be available to keep an example functioning with the other Senior Officers for all members and recruits. She will also be available to help GM/lead events IC or OOC, aid the staff, and provide assistance to the general member population. This in fact is for all SO's. But Neraea? We know she'll shine in this role!

Congratulations to the both of you and we're excited to welcome you into your new positions!

Carry on,

Vice Commander, 26th Fleet