From the Admiral's desk: Remembering the Dominion War



It was a bloody, lasting conflict. Yes it ended with a victory for the allied Federation, Klingon and Romulan forces. But that victory did not come without a price. The casualty lists were extensive and at one point the Dominion even sprung an assault in the core worlds of the Federation. Though regardless of the odds, Starfleet and its allies defended the quadrant admirably and valiantly.

We will take the following twenty four hours, stardate 92694.2, to remember the Dominion War together. Available at 0800 the Star Base Quartermaster will have replicated, working Dominion War era combadges available for all Starfleet personnel to wear for the entire day in commemoration of both the sung as well as unsung heroes and efforts of the historic War.

Also during the day, two open forum sessions will be held with the Dominion War as the topic. At this time, you are welcomed to make and join in discussion as the forum unfolds. Veterans and activities will take the spot light of these sessions. Praetorian Operations will put out a memo of the schedule for each of the forums come the morning.

Boldly go,

Vice Admiral Collu Zekell
Commanding Officer, 26th Fleet
Commander of Overall Operations