GNN Exclusive!  New Australia Closes ports to Fleeing Federation Refugees!  Thousands left stranded!


(GNN)-  Effective as of 92200.92 the Governor of New Australia, Maki-To Ki-To, has closed the port of New Australia from all incoming traffic.  This closure has left over two thousand stranded in orbit of the frontier colony world.  In the wake of the Undine attacks many colonists voluntarily fled the skirting Undine forces for larger better defended colonies.  The colony of New Australia is no stranger to attacks and war.  In the past the Romulan Star Empire had fought the Federation on a massive scale to extend its territory.

This closure comes on the heels of the Federation’s decision not to bolster the supplies being sent to the frontier colony on a weekly basis.  Governor Maki-To Ki-To has accused the Federation of sending only enough supplies to back the growing number of Federation refugees.  Since the attack on Earth Space Dock, refugees from smaller colony worlds have been funneled to the larger more established colony of New Australia.  This drastic movement of Federation citizens to the very independent-minded colony of New Australia has caused many problems with the local population.  Many local politicians claim that their economy and infrastructure has been greatly damaged by not only the support that the Federation has provided for its refugees, but also from the use of their local natural resources.  One of the more popular local opinions is that the Federation has provided better living conditions and housing to the refugees than the locals.

This closure also comes at a desperate time for the city of Port Darwin.  An incident last week had additional Starfleet personnel landing on the colony against the wishes of Govenor Maki-To Ki-To and his staff.  The landing occurred while Starfleet was in negotiations with local governments to provide protection for their medical support while in the densely populated "slums” of the city.  Reports say that the Starfleet personnel were deployed by mistake.  Two days ago Starfleet CDC specialists arrived on the scene and have begun administering vaccines to the citizens.  Govornor Ki-To has quarantined the city and has routed additional supplies to the region to supplement the temporary quarantine. 

Admiral Ted Bridgewater, tasked with the evacuation of colonies near the old Romulan Border, has responded to the closure with this comment from his media Representative.


"It is my regret that New Australia has closed its ports to Federation refugees in this time of need.  The Federation has already dispatched Ambassador Abbott and several of its top logistics officers to the colony to negotiate with Governor Ki-To and his staff.  As a show of good will I have also routed additional supplies to the colony as a sign of good faith that both our parties can come to an agreement.  We are thankful that the New Australian government has opened its port to our citizens in the past, we hope to have that friendship again soon.”


In other news a new Narcotic called Faze has started to hit Federation colony worlds rapidly.  The drug stimulates the Occipital and Temporal lobes and creates a life-like recreation of a memory or thought much more detailed than any known holodeck programs.  It has been reported that the users feel as if they are reliving the memory or thought.  Autopsies reveal that the users of "Faze” to have severe trauma to several parts of their brains.  More research on the drug is being done at Federation research facilities.


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