We all know what's coming in Season 10, and it's big. Very big. It is something which will undoubtedly upset the status quo, not just for the 26th, but for the universe. Normally this goes without saying or just a minor note, but given the size of this, we wanted to make clear our plans for how the 26th is going to incorporate ourselves into it.

When Season 10 hits, the 26th's Timeline will NOT immediately zip to the end of whatever events transpire. Assume that the 26th's Timeline is set ~1-2 weeks before the events of Season 10. Over the next few weeks, we will build up the 26th's Timeline to flow into and "catch up" to the main storyline. We want to do this justice by taking our time with it, fully understanding all the events of Season 10, and writing into it accordingly.

That said, the next point goes without saying: No Spoilers Anywhere. This is just to respect those who don't have the opportunity to play it immediately. It sucks to be in a position where you feel you have to rush to play it immediately to avoid having it all spoiled for you, so I want people to respect that, and let people take their time. That goes for any details, no matter how small.

Finally, for OSB. We will almost certainly be getting people trying to RP the events of Season 10 tomorrow. We're sticking with our official stance on it for the storyline. Please make sure they understand that SB381 is still 1-2 weeks prior to the events of Season 10, and while we'll be getting there very soon, we aren't there yet as we want to do the events justice in our fleet.

At least one event will be going up by the end of the week for the official start of Season 10 within the fleet, likely for some time next week or the next.

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