GNN Exclusive

Galactic News at Warp 9.9


As the Alpha Quadrant coalition continue to fight a war of attrition against the Voth and the Undine, the ripples of war start to make small waves across Federation space.  As reported earlier this year the Colony of New Australia came under attack by Undine forces and was briefly taken until intervention from Starfleet forces, but this time it seems that the enemies of the Federation are closer than they think.  On the morning of stardate 92330.89 GNN received an exclusive transmission coming from front line reporter Elissa Kondo all traffic and communications with the planet have ceased and that martial law is being set up by an unknown faction.  GNN has elected to provide a transcript of the message sent through unconventional means.


"This is Elissa Kondo, reporter for the Galactic News Network.  They’re rounding up everyone that’s not a colonist here.  I’m hiding out with the crew…but I can’t say where.  I don’t want to endanger anyone.  They came out of nowhere and started arresting people for ‘suspicions activity.’  We thought that they were New Australia Police, they were even wearing some of the same uniforms, but when an officer confronted them….they beat him and dragged him away.  We went to the Federation Outpost to report what happened but when we got there we saw Starfleet personnel being rounded up and stripped of their communications badges.  After that they were taken inside of the Outpost.  If you get this please tell my family I love them.”

Immediately after GNN received the transmission from Ms. Kondo, traffic to New Australia was halted with refugee ships being redirected and escorted by Starfleet assets to other open colony worlds.  Within 24 hours of the port closure reports of communications drops and the inability to make calls to the colony were confirmed.  Thousands of families cut off from the rest of the Federation.  In a twist of the already mysterious situation the SS Sommerville reported that shortly after departing New Australia space it detected a shuttle being destroyed in orbit of the planet.  When questioned about the alleged incident Starfleet declined to answer, instead Starfleet chose to address the communications black out as a major malfunction of the subspace transmission amplifier in orbit of the distant colony.  With the Federation fighting two wars, will this incident be overlooked?


This has been a GNN Exclusive