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TO: All 26th Fleet Personnel
CC: Starfleet Command
SUBJECT: The Events of Last Night

All personnel, now hear this.

As you may already be aware, Starbase 381 was attacked last night by renegade forces operating in the Outback and believed to be under the control of former Syndicate member Fennec Vulpes, more commonly known as 'The Fox'. The attack involved a resilient computer virus which created random disruptions and activity on Starbase 381. During the chaos, a cloaked ship slipped the tachyon detection grid put together by Task Force Avalon and inserted an assault team directly to the promenade, where Admirals Zekell, Llywarch, and Sprint were involved in a meeting. Although two attackers were killed, all three of the Admirals were taken, and Fennec Vulpes quickly took responsibility for it. A pursuit was launched, which led a task group to one of our own Dilithium Mines. Some of you may have heard rumors that we found three dead bodies there matching the descriptions of the Admirals. I must regrettably report that the rumors are true.


With Captain Kalun still at Trill and most of Starfleet Command occupied with the Delta Expedition, effective Stardate 92488.72 Captain Alenis and myself have taken joint command of the 26th Fleet. Should Captain Kalun be able to return from Trill, my responsibility will transfer to her, but until that time I have taken command of all starship assets. Meanwhile, Captain Alenis will continue to command Starbase 381 and related assets. Although this comes as a blow, the chain of command remains intact. The 26th Fleet will continue to perform our duty, and we will confront the threats to the safety and well being of the Outback. Although the situation in OB-333 with the Scourge remains the greater potential threat, and some of you may be tasked with continued monitoring of the situation there, we cannot ignore the more immediate threat posed by The Fox being still at large.

Therefore, in response to this crisis, effective immediately I am rescinding current standing orders and issuing new standing orders for all starships of the 26th Fleet. Priority one will always be to provide for the security and safety of all civilians and Federation assets, including Starfleet ships and crews, but if that is satisfied, you have but one standing order:

Get The Fox.

T'Molina, CAPT, Starfleet
CO, U.S.S Destiny NCC-97029
Acting Joint Commander, 26th Fleet
Hope Everyone had a good Thanksgiving, and/or normal day if you don't celebrate Thankgiving.
Well, if you're using the new Bond movies as a goalpost then that is a good thing. The new Bonds are the best thing since Sean Connery had the role.
Well the new bond movies also had Judi Dench in them. But I hope you're right, Kenzi. :]
It's not a reboot in the sense that it is replacing the previous movies. It even has one of the characters from the prior movies, the Asian scientist who explains things in the first movie.
I've been reading stuff today from all over the web that says it is. I hope it's not though. I was looking forward to seeing Hammonds legacy continue. :sick:
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